Monday, July 11, 2011

Dog ringworm, scabies, ear mange, demodicosis

Ringworm. Diseases of the skin and its derivatives caused by fungi-dermatophytes.
Key features: first observed brittle hair, appear on the skin covered with gray scales and crusts hairless areas of round, then oval.
On the bald areas of the skin often appears pus that forms a crust when dry and scabs. In contrast with scabies ringworm itch a little or none at all.
Zudnevaya scabies. Diseases of the skin caused by scabies. Key features: on-site implementation of the skin scabies mite nodules first appear, then blisters filled with fluid.
The dog scratches itchy places from imploding bubbles released fluid, which glues the hair and dries on the skin to form crusts and scabs. Hair loss, skin thickens, it becomes wrinkled.
With strong distribution scabies dogs lose fatness, become lethargic, malorabotosposobnymi. In severe cases the dog can die from exhaustion.
Ear mange. Diseases of the skin on the inner surface of the pinna, the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane caused by scabies-beetle.
Key features: dog scratching his ear, shakes his head, scratches his ear talons. Then out of the ear starts to separate liquid - first serous, later - purulent ihoroznaya, which covers its lower edge.
On the skin of the ear form crusts and scabs, gray or brown. In advanced cases may occur eardrum perforation, middle ear infection.
Demodicosis (Zheleznitsa.) skin disease caused by a mite parasitic in the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.
Distinguish scaly, pustular (pustular) and asymptomatic Zheleznitsa.
The main symptoms are: skin affected lips, brow, near the ears and extremities, very rarely - on the trunk.
In the scaly form at these locations fall hair, skin thickens, it becomes a bluish-gray or coppery red, for it appears from the plaque-rubevidny (scales).
In the suppurative form of hair fall out also, there are knots that turn into pustules that produce fluid.
The skin thickens, becomes red. Some dogs can take place simultaneously and scaly and pustular forms zheleziitsy.
Asymptomatic form is characterized by Zheleznitsa zheleznichnogo tick in the skin in the absence of her any visible changes.
In advanced cases, severe forms of the disease and untreated, the dog may die.